Geir Storesund

Rating: 4/5
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I've had the freeride split for aboult half a season, and it completely altered my view on splitboard touring. My previous boards have been quite low flex boards fitting my riding on open faces. As I have moved to Voss which offers a lot more forresty riding I decided to go for something a bit more playfull and forgiving.

My oppinion
The freeride split is realy cool to mess around with in bumpy forresty terrain, but still offers enough stabilty and grip to make me comfortable on open faces. Both on the best powder days and the worst hardpacked and icy days, it performes nicely. The board is forgiving the times my weightshift is a bit off, which has saved plenty of my rubbish landings. I treasure durabilty over lightweight witch furberg seems to have done as well. 

Maybe Im picky, but for me the position of the bindings on the board was very particular to make the board work for me.
The higher flex makes touring a bit less efficient on this board than the stiffer ones, less gripp on edge, and sinks more in the middle when in deep snow. Then again, if I wanted to maximize efficiency I would switch to randonee.

I have come to be very good friends with the freeride split, and it is realy making me see the potential in Voss' terrain. Realy stoked for the season to come riding with this board.